Your body is a temple...but only if you treat it like one.

There are about 40 trillion cells that combine to form tissues, organs and, ultimately, the amazing organism you see reflected in your bathroom mirror.

How do you take responsibility for its wellbeing?

Attend these online and offline events to engage in a new dialogue with your body. To learn how the parts of you that you can see connect with the parts that you can’t (e.g. thoughts, emotions, intuitions). Increase your awareness of how you enliven your matter—for example, with grace? wonder? peace-of-mind?—and with practical tips learn new ways to.

upcoming events

Your Body and The Stars: Kripalu Retreat (MA)


This gorgeous 5-day retreat will bring you into an intimate dialogue with Dr. Stephanie,  amazing astrologer Rebecca Gordon, the stars…and, above all else, your self! Discover your personal connection to the cosmos and how to use your natal chart to express your most authentic, vibrant self. From head (Aries) to feet (Pisces), the entire zodiac lives within you, forming a blueprint of innate strengths and susceptibilities, as well as a guide to lifestyle practices that can nourish and enliven you.

Along with an in-depth exploration of astrological wisdom and history, this program includes

  • Custom-tailored tools to access the energies of the zodiac and support well-being
  • Lectures, break-out sessions, movement, meditation, and outdoor experiences
  • Activities aligned with zodiac signs, including sacred dance (Scorpio), a nature walk (Taurus) and relaxing by the lake (Pisces).

And it’s not a bad way to celebrate the summer solstice, either 😉

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health
June 18-23, 2017

57 Interlaken Rd
Stockbridge, MA

Functional Anatomy for Movement & Injuries (FAMI) Workshop

Dr. Stephanie is a co-Director of this international workshop for movement professionals that is held within a medical school, providing participants with access to the best teachers and teaching tools the medical community has to offer…gross anatomy lab, included!

JUNE 22-25

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NY

$1,395 – Early Bird before 5/1

$1,495 – After 5/1 

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