In private sessions, I re-introduce you to your body. A miracle of Mother Nature millions of years in the making. I teach you how to listen to it and remind you how to use it.

How to move your arms, legs, core—and more—in an alignment that best supports your day. Connecting your body to the thoughts, emotions, and intuitions you experience along the way.

In other words, I connect you to the wisdom of your body.

My methods are interactive and natural, including: movement, breath, meditation, discussion. I may additionally employ others, such as nutrition or supplementation; it depends on where you’re at and what needs to occur for you to reach your next level of being well.

Sessions, therefore, are custom-tailored. As are the plans that I recommend to keep you walking your talk during the time in between sessions. Because your choice of everything – from food to relationships, clothing, books, job, posture, thoughts, and more – is an expression of who you are. And your choices, likewise, can impact how you live  who you are; consider, for example, the difference in how you feel choosing to exercise on the treadmill at a gym, versus attending a belly-dancing class. One is not better than the other, but one might be better than the other for you right now.  The  life-long tools I offer meet you where you’re at, providing what you need in an inspiring and practical way.

In-person sessions

The Ash Center
800A 5th Ave #205, New York, NY 10065
p. 212-758-3200

Hastings-on-Hudson Studio
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
p. 917-524-8096

Online sessions
On a per case basis, guidance is available through a HIPAA-compliant portal, emphasizing modalities that work best for an online format.

Each session is followed-up with a customized, comprehensive email that details the major themes we discussed, enumerates your homework (so you can devote your full attention to our time together and not worry about notes), provides resources and references, and acts as a guide for you to access at your convenience. It also includes a copy of The Wisdom of Your Body e-book.

Schedule a session
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Organizational consulting
Whether you are an individual practitioner or a large organization, I can help you align your workplace intentions (e.g. foster creativity, promote wellness) with the realities of your actual workplace, through creating new programs or modifying existing ones. Similar to my work with patients, I am able to bridge the gap in inspiring & practical ways between where you/your group is now and where you need to be. In other words, I can help you whether you need to shift or leap. Inquire further .